La Real Lana somos una pequeña marca de productos de lana merina ecológica certificada española. Trabajamos la lana en mecha, sin hilar, de gran calidad por su finura y pureza, de origen sostenible y procedentes de ganadería trashumante.  Nuestros productos son: mantas XXL, ovillos XXL, cojines XXL, tapices, patucos afeltrados... todos productos de lujo y tendencia, artesanales y únicos.

🐏 A little more of our wool: 🐏

It comes from sheep of extensive and transhumant livestock. The TRASHUMANTE life of animals entails respectful care and a happier life because they enjoy greater freedom and, in turn, provide great benefits for the conservation of nature and biodiversity. The wool has a seal that certifies that the production is coming from 100% merino native Spanish sheep. In this way, the recovery of the high value of wool as raw material is enhanced.

In addition, black merino wool possesses the ECOLOGICAL grass certificate and the category of breed in danger of extinction according to the National System of Livestock Breeds (ARCA), of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

The washing process is carried out in washing or bathing trains, differentiated according to quality, at a temperature not higher than 60ºC.

The detergents that are used are biodegradable washing bases, which help to eliminate the organic and inorganic matter that the wool brings in its origin. All comply with the strict laws imposed by the EU.

The management of waste, with its own treatment plant, ensures good management of the same, preventing discharges into the river.

On the other hand, this laundry has a generator of combined gas-electricity, which reuses the heat generated in different phases, in order to self-supply energy in part, for the rest of its processes of wool transformation, and decrease the carbon footprint produced by this industrial activity.

At the end of the washing process, the wool is passed through dryers with heat jets and from there it is taken to a warehouse so that the wool rests before being packaged in bales, and ready to send to the destination customer.

The brown and white wool are natural colors, chemical processes are not applied for bleaching or to eliminate impurities.

For all this is a hypoallergenic material, suitable for sensitive skin.

The wool of blue, green and pink colors are dyed with industrial dyes which comply with the strict European legislation and the REACH regulations.

The Real Lana

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